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Frozen LoSalted Caramel Yogurt

LoSalt Recipes

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  • Cakes / Desserts

    Don’t let fro-yo be a holiday treat only! Grab your LoSalt and some delicious fruit and yoghurt to recreate those holiday memories in your own kitchen!

  • Dinner | Supper | Main Meal

    Pack a flavour punch with this pleasing recipe, perfect for a light dinner or for lunch.

  • Dinner | Supper | Main Meal

    Make this low fat recipe for a healthy & tasty family favourite option!

  • Dinner | Supper | Vegetarian | Main Meal

    There’s nothing quite like a spag-bol to get the family excited for dinner. Packed with nutrients & suitable for vegetarians too, this low-fat version covers all the bases!

  • Cakes / Desserts

    Pure decadence, the LoSalt way! Reduce the sodium and enjoy this indulgent treat when that sweet tooth hits!

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