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LoSalt - Reduced Sodium Salt

Reduce the amount of salt in your diet and you'll be taking a major step towards a healthier lifestyle. Easy to use and widely available, find out how LoSalt can help you with staying healthy.

Enjoy our great alternative to regular salt on the table and in your cooking. Not only is LoSalt made with all natural ingredients, but it has a great salty flavour and contains 66% less sodium.

There's nothing quite like a spag-bol to get the family excited for dinner. Packed with nutrients & suitable for vegetarians too, this low-fat version covers all the bases! By giving our great tasting LoSalt recipes a go you'll immediately be using 66% less sodium than if you use normal table salt.


Are you confused about why monitoring salt consumption matters? Our resident GP @DrSarahJarvis explores the dangers……
10h ago
If you're having a Sunday film night, try adding LoSalt to your popcorn - you won't be able to tell the difference!
28 May
Do you know how high your blood pressure should be? Check out this chart from @BloodPress_UK #Knowyournumbers
27 May