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LoSalt Serves Up a New Look

21 May 2016

LoSalt, the UK's leading healthy, low sodium alternative to salt, revealed a brand new look at the recent BBC Good Food Show.  

In 1983, LoSalt introduced the 66% less sodium salt alternative to offer a healthier option with the flavour of regular salt.  It is the sodium in salt which is linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Following feedback from customers, LoSalt has changed its branding in line with the trend of people becoming increasingly confident and creative in the kitchen.  It is clear that customers are progressively looking for ways to create and serve healthier food without compromising on taste.

Caroline Klinge, Sales & Marketing manager at LoSalt said "LoSalt is a family business and we believe in offering our customers a healthier alternative to enhance the flavour of their favourite foods.  LoSalt is perfect to experiment with in everyday cooking and baking and we hope our new look will encourage customers at all stages of life to use LoSalt to help reduce their sodium levels."

LoSalt Tubs new 2016 

LoSalt tubs