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Top tips

Watch out for hidden salt in your diet.

One slice of bread contains an average of 0.5g of salt

Top tips

Use less salt at the table

If you are used to adding a sprinkling of salt to your potatoes or vegetables on the plate, LoSalt is ideal. You still get the flavor but with two thirds less sodium.

Watch out for hidden salt

On average, 75% of our daily salt intake is hidden in processed foods. Everything from bread to a can of soup, a packet of cereal to a packaged meal, will contain added salt. Look out for reduced sodium products to help improve your diet, or switch from ready-made to  homemade, for a healthier - and often  less expensive - approach to cooking and eating.

Cook it yourself

If you cook your food from scratch, using fresh ingredients, you will use less salt than readymade equivalents. If you add salt during cooking, use LoSalt rather than regular salt to further reduce your sodium intake.

Try other flavorings

Experiment with herbs and spices to add flavor to food. Find some great ideas in our recipe section.

Understand the package information

In the US, some packages quote salt content, while others quote sodium content. The recommended daily allowance for an adult for salt is 5g per day. The recommended daily intake of sodium is just 2g. Make sure you know what's being quoted and can understand the difference.

Taste before you season

Lots of people sprinkle on the salt before they've even tasted their food, just out of habit. Learn to taste your food first and you could be surprised how often it passes the taste test, without any added salt.

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