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Food Matters Live 2016

30 November 2016

LoSalt recently exhibited at Food Matters Live 2016 where we showcased just how easily LoSalt can be used in everyday cooking. 

Throughout the three day event our Chef, James demonstrated how simple if can be to reduce sodium in the diet by uisng LoSalt whilst cooking. Not only does LoSalt have two thirds less sodium than regular salt but it can be used exactly in the same way to season and add flavour to food.

James cooked three dishes at the demonstrations, a starter of Cured Salmon and Beetroot Gravlax with a Fennel Salad, a main of Aubergine and Tomato Gratin and a dessert of Sticky Date and Ginger Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce. Two versions of each dish were cooked, one batch using LoSalt and the other using regular salt. We're very pleased to report that most couldn't tell the difference, and everyone was shocked at how similar the samples were, proving that LoSalt tastes just like regular salt but with 66% less sodium! The recipes for these dishes can be found here.

FML 2016 Chef  FML Gravlax

FML Gratin  FML Ginger Cake